Hi, I'm Karen 

Allow me to intro myself with perhaps what is not most important, but you may want to know....

What gives me the right?

My Qualifications / Work History

  • Certified Life Coach/ Published writer / Founder / Karen Bacon The Rutbuster / Retreat - Live Your Best Life

  • Current study - Initiate Programme - Institute Intuitive Intelligence - Melbourne Australia.

  • Mentored 6 months - Ajit Nawalkha -Leading Business coach (Founder of Evercoach through Mindvalley) and Neeta Bhushan (Founder Global Grit Institute)

  • Mentored 8 months - Business Coach Grace Lever - Award winning Australian Business woman inc. Telstra businesswoman of the year)

  • Dip. Remedial Massage (20+ years exp. Worked in QAFL Australian Rules Football Club) & (Private practice)

  • 15 years Entrepreneur - Co founder - Silicone Chiks - All female trade service business - Gold Coast 

  • Dip.Nursing - Enrolled Medication Endorsed (No longer practice)

  • Worked (John Flynn Private Gold Coast) in Emergency Dept. / Cardio/Vascular Surgical Unit, Community Services, and Aged Care Dementia Units.

  • Certificate Mental Health Nursing - Woolston Park Psychiatric Hospital 

  • Certificate 111 - Community Services.

  • Certified Practitioner Ho'oponopono

  • 2 Years Naturopathy Studies inc Anatomy/Physiology/ Chemistry/ Herbal Medicine/


I am a confirmed believer in the unlimited potential of human beings to achieve remarkable things!

I also believe that when people are operating from an unnatural place, when they are not doing what they are meant to do, they will always feel discomfort. Do what feels right for you.

What's My Story

It wasn't until I took real action to find out, what was missing, that my life started to fall into place. I looked within, and realised most of the answers were there. I too, had to work out the puzzle of why I continually felt lost, why I was unhappy and feeling unfulfilled. Why life felt so incomplete, and at times, downright sucked!

It took me a long time to see who I really am. I'm more an introvert, who can be sensitive, and lives unreservedly to my highest values. That is, to have the freedom to truly be me! I love exploring ideas and concepts, have bucket loads of empathy, individuality and compassion for others. When you're operating from a place where things come naturally to you, life becomes so much easier. I was 'stuck' because of the constant pulling away, from who I am, trying to be the be all and end all for everyone else!

I learned with the help of coaches and mentors, it had nothing to do, with what was happening on the outside, but all to do, with finding what was deeply important to me. That, which gave my life meaning! I'm a passionate advocate against ageism, and love to help women experiencing anxiety and depression. Now 59 myself, I firmly believe we are meant to live fully, across our entire life span, not just through the younger years! We are worth far more than that! I have the greatest pleasure in helping women, re-invent their lives, doing what they love to provide happiness but most of all fulfillment!

Why choose me to coach you?

My superpowers are the uncanny ability of getting to the heart of a problem quickly. I can read between the lines and have a very intuitive sense of what is a real truth or an excuse. I can be empathetic, but ruthless in calling out B/S at the same time! I can see outside the square, and readily offer unique, creative alternatives for what is not working for you! Most powerfully of all, I have been on a similar journey as you. Wanting a life full of purpose and meaning, able to live the life that I'm meant to be, owning my own inner calling!

* No B/S or sugar coatings. I'm warm and friendly but I take your life transformation seriously.

* I will do everything within my power to help you achieve success

* Powerful results, when you agree to do the work required, all supported from my heart space to yours. 

*Referrals to other health professionals if outside my expertise

Palm Beach Qld Australia

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