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Palm Beach Qld 4221

MindFlow - Deep Relaxation and Mindfulness Practice

 This service is perfect to alleviate stress and anxiety....

 It helps you feel good!

  • Intuitive mindset coaching ...Practical tools for coping with anxiety and stress..Get to know your self.

  • Grounding deep relaxation meditative practice..Understand how your body feels.

  • Deep relaxation massage...The pure joy of feeling your body relax and heal.

This beautiful restorative package is ideal as a complementary practice to other professional health services. Allow approx. 2 hrs - $155 AUD

Full member International Institute Complementary Therapies/

Fully Insured Practitioner


Please email me HERE if you would like to book this service.OR Book directly via messenger on my FB page HERE

Palm Beach Qld Australia

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