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I'm a Warrior! Who Are You? This is a Great Tool To Use!

Updated: Feb 17

Mastering your thoughts is truly valuable to breaking out of a rut!

Want to know what else is?

Living from your highest values and knowing intimately what qualities you possess.

This exercise starts putting you in touch with yours!

Stop doing the same old things that get you nowhere! If you've tried a thousand times to change, using the same old tools it's probably not going to work! Ever!

Want to try a new one?

One thing I like to have my clients do is free write. But not on its own. Pretend your a super hero.

Not only does it encourage a deeper connection to self, it's fun finding out which characters have the qualities that resonate with you.

We're actually beginning to talk about your personal energy. More specifically, what energy you give out to others and into the world. Ha? I hear some of you say!

Your qualities, the traits that make you, you, are so important in how you're viewed and perceived by others. Positive energy can result in much better relationships both personally and at work. You don't wanna be that person who's energy can bring down a whole room! Yeah we all know someone like that!

It's a great tool, you can use straight away.

This poem came from my free writing! It is my warrior character that helps me to envision my strengths. Particularly when I'm having a less than, kinda day! I picture the warrior side of me and Boom! It gets my head straight! Mine was based on the TV character 'Zena The Warrior Princess'.

Forget that you feel a bit weird. Who the hell will ever know? Busting a rut is thinking outside the box.

The Practice

Close your eyes and imagine a character that you may have looked up to as a child, or still do. It can be someone real that you totally admire, a fictitous character on television, a character in a book, whoever means something to you. Once you've honed in on someone, and thought about the character traits you like, open your eyes, pick up a pen and start to write.

Answer this question while writing...What is it about this character I like? Don't worry about style, neatness, punctuation etc. just write! Write until you have nothing left to say.

When finished read over your results. What qualities and values match up with yours? What do you think is missing in your own persona? What's missing in theirs? How can you bridge the gap and draw on these values and qualities more in your everyday life?

This gets you closer to seeing your own highest values, and strengths. Traits you most likely already have, and now you're a little closer too. Have fun!

My Poem

I am a warrior

Pure of heart and clear of mind

I answer to no one

Only one

Just you dear one

Just you. Cannot you see, it is yourself you're talking about?

I live my life in truth and seek justice for all

I am here now and when they fall

I know I'm here to pick up the pieces

I know what to do and why

I'm here for all to see

In the blindness of their eyes

But in the trueness of their hearts

They know me.


Palm Beach Qld Australia

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