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Anxiety and Depression...A Positive Spin...Some Facts

Updated: Feb 15

Anxiety and depression are real.

Many women experience it's symptoms and it can be debilitating and keep you from living with a sense of fun and joy.

It is not, as many people still like to think, something that someone can 'just get over'.

Now I'm all about changing the way you think....And its proven ability, backed up by modern Neuroscience. In particular neuroplasticity, to alter the structure, function and chemistry of the brain.

With so many women struggling in ruts, because they are dogged down with anxiety and depression, I feel I would like to offer basic information.

This will really help you understand the principles behind, why changing the way you think improves your life.

Biology V Thinking

Psychology used to be based around the following 2 fundamentals....

1. That as we reach adulthood our brains really don't change much.

2. That we can separate the biological disorders from the psychological disorders in thinking.

What does that mean?

1. That depression caused by a chemical imbalance can only be treated through medication. To correct the imbalance with chemicals....

2. That depression caused by the way people think and behave due to lifestyle choices, can only be treated with Cognitive Therapy. Helping people understand their thoughts and feelings influencing their behaviours.

Science has now proven these to be incorrect...

Research proves that not only does our brain chemistry impact the way we think and feel, but the way we think and feel also changes our chemistry.

Back to the fundamentals....If we take someone who is experiencing depression caused from a chemical imbalance, which does happen, their biology will have decreased levels of seratonin and dopamine.

Both neuro transmitters making up a quartet of happy chemicals, in conjunction with endorphin and oxytocin.

So if we now know that our biology has an impact on the way we think, and the way we think has a big impact on our biology....

Then if we are continually thinking hopeless thoughts this may present as a biology of depression. Want a happy life....Think happy thoughts. All actions are preceded by thought.

This gives us so much more scope to improve the quality of our lives. We know we can have so much more control over our ability to create happiness by changing our thoughts. It will impact the biology of our brains.

We can influence our lives and create the changes we want to see in our life. In conjunction with talking things through to order your thoughts.

Neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to reorganise synaptic connections

Medical imaging techniques, show us that our brains are mouldable, shapeable and changeable throughout our entire life.

We now understand that our brains create new neural pathways continually. These are like the synaptic highways in our brains on which all our messages are carried.

The more travelled highways become stronger and the less travelled weaker, and can be cut off altogether.

Put simply, if you are constantly thinking hopeless thoughts, 'I'm not good enough', I'm useless' etc. the stronger these highways become.

Conversely if you're thinking more positively, the stronger those pathways become.The stronger pathway becomes our default.

What it boils down to is this - We are what we think we are!

Research is being undertaken to understand how we make decisions and then reverse a decision....How we actually change our minds....

Incredibly complex functions that may help people make better lifestyle choices once understood. Example....being able to change their mind about taking the drug...before they have. Overcoming addiction with thought...

There is so much more to this: To improve mental health - Structure, function, chemistry and genetics of brain performance are all important factors in understanding how to treat depression and anxiety with alternatives. Other than only medications.

I myself, had diagnosed depression and was taking medication for a while, so nothing against them here....

Many are helped enormously with alternatives as well. (this is a video showing how blind people have developed echolocation skills, with the help of their brain creating new pathways)

Mental Health and Neuroplasticity: Change The Way You think -Emma McAdam


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