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How To Make Changes To Create A Positive Life!

The number one thing that helped me create happiness and peace in my life now, was to figure out what it was, actually holding me back.

What was the main behaviour I acted out over and over again? The thing that took me straight back to where I started from? I'm not gonna lie, it took awhile. I was so ready to find out and, stop the anxiety and sadness, I sought help. Back in the nineties there were no coaches just counsellors. I went there!

I knew I needed help to find out, I'd been reading self help books for years, since my late twenties, early thirties. I recognised that my happiness was all up to me! I also knew I wasn't happy, but I couldn't find the magic bullet! The thing that would change my life!

I wanted change so badly! I wanted to feel good, I wanted to be the perfect mum and wife. I wanted more for myself because I knew there had to be more. More than feeling empty, guilty and wondering why I was so bloody angry all the time!

I settled in and did the work! I peeled back the layers of my mind revealing the subconscious programming. My sabotaging behaviour?

Negativity! My head chatter was insanely negative and judgemental!

I was my own biggest saboteur and I used my thinking as a weapon hurting myself and consequently my family. I lived in victim mode and looked outside of myself for the answers. It was mostly somebody else's fault, not mine! Things were somehow different for me!

I see now, that I would never have created happiness while I thought like that!

I would create havoc in my own life because I kept telling myself I wasn't worthy of anything else! I didn't like myself much at the time and I truly dragged myself so far down, I ended up on medication for a few months diagnosed with depression.

Of course I didn't deliberately behave this way, none of us do. I was wired this way. My brain was already programmed for this, I just didn't know it. And neither do many of you! You just know you feel unhappy and unfulfilled!

But the other main thing I did?

I kept learning! I would read everything I could get my hands on about the brain and how it works. About our habits and, how we make and break them. I would study and practice with new tools given from experts in the field. I felt better!

I'd be going along nicely but then, 'kapow', punched right from behind. I'd fall right back into my old habits again.

Then neuroscience began to get more airplay.

I couldn't read enough about the science behind the mind body connection. It explained me perfectly. For the first time I felt like someone was talking my language. Somebody understood me! It all made sense. Everybody who felt like me needed to read this stuff. That's how important its impact was on me.

It was only then that all the learning I had, could I now apply, because I understood what was happening inside!

You cannot argue with science. You only have to pick up a book written by someone like Dr.Joe Dispenza to understand the mind-body connection.

If you want to get off the merry-go-round of feeling and receiving shit; If you want to make and create lasting change in your life, you have to change your thoughts, emotions and feelings!

Change comes from choosing to be different today than you were yesterday!

If you behave in the same way as you always have then it stands to reason you'll get the same results! To get unstuck....

You have to rewire your brain by choosing different thoughts, feelings and emotions which change your default behaviour. This then yields different results!

The only way to do that is to be spending more time in conscious thought. Becoming a different personality to who you are now! Behaving differently in small ways. Making decisions about your life from the present moment, not from old conditioning!

These new ways of thinking, being and behaving create new neural pathways in your brain. Rewiring and refiring those new or less travelled pathways to become stonger, healthier and soon, defaults.

Creating your life from pure conscious thought, no longer trapped in a cycle of subconscious programming, will feel uncomfortable. You are creating NEW behaviour. It no longer feels familiar.

That feels scary!

You are shifting out of your comfort zone keeping you stuck where you've always been. This is the point most of us run back to what we know. Safety! Back on the cycle of being stuck and feeling miserable!

Support so you can master one day at a time, that is the biggest clue to retaining what you learn. Taking things one day at a time makes it totally doable. Mastering your thoughts successfully for just this day, creates a level of confidence I had previously not known. I was succeeding at this.

Small goals prevents the overwhelm of thinking too big, too soon! Rewiring your brain to create and 'fix' in new habits, emotions, feelings and thoughts is not something that happens overnight. However, I'm here to say you can immediately feel better. I mean in an instant!

With the tools of our trade! Tools that help us enrich our lives and practice more positive behaviours that in turn help us to feel good, stay calm and at peace!

Tools that help you grab yourself and your thoughts before they spiral out of control!

Tools that put you back in touch with who you are and what you want help create happiness and peace, on a different level to you have most likely ever known!

Knowing you have those tools each and every time you need them creates feelings of security, trust and faith in yourself! You can use them for the rest of your life and stay in flow and calm!

Support makes the difference between falling back into the old or staying with the new. I could not have changed 'me' without the support I had in place!

This is a lifelong job but oh so worth it! When your outer world begins to change, that's when you will decide to keep doing the work for good. You have to be patient and get to that point though....

If you would like help to stay on track, uncover your old stories, limiting beliefs and habits sabotaging your efforts, come jump with me! If you would like to know and use some of the magnificent tools I use daily to keep my mind and body happy, healthy and mostly at peace....Come jump with me! My heart is full!

I am on this train now, and have been for quite a few years! I would never give up what I know now and the tools helping me change who I was.

Transmuting fear and allowing me to step into my own power to create peace and happiness in my life, is my greatest achievement! I am still learning and it will never stop!

Want to come jump? -

To listen more from Dr. Joe Dispenza go here


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