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How Perfectionism Holds You Back!

Updated: May 13, 2019

I have just finished building my first ever funnel. For those that don't know, it's a mechanical process for online marketing.

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go down that track, in my business. Like I said, a very mechanical process and a very much, do these steps in order, 'thingy'. All of which are not me!

What the hell is a funnel anyway?

I'm a Life Coach, and funnels are something I never knew anything about until very recently.

I don't do anything in order, I do them from my heart. I do them as it feels right, and sometimes I really need to think more before I jump right in.

For those of you who know the book "Madeline", one of my old time favourites as a kid, I'm like her. The little girl standing in a row, only she was the only one, not in the row.

Always different and outside the square! Always challenging the norm and screwing up her nose! So, what could this funnel thing teach me? I was shocked and surpised at the lesson I learned!

Never to old to be taught a life lesson.

It was supposed to take me a couple of days, a quick test funnel for my content. Right!

I was a slave to this thing, I was suffering with the disease of perfectionism. I didn't know how much I suffered with it. Shocking!

Perfectionism is a curse!!!!!!

I couldn't let this funnel go out into the world until I had changed it to reflect the most perfect words, the most perfect look, the most perfect reflection of me! There you have it, out in the open.

It doesn't matter how old you are, self doubt's a killer.

I was so afraid of it not being good enough, that I was not good enough, I couldn't press the button to send it live!

I procrastinated, I made excuses, I hated this thing in the end. It was showing me too much, of me!

Finally at 7.45 pm last night, because I was so sick and tired of it, and so sick and tired of myself, with it, I pressed the button. Thank god I ran out of patience, not one of my strong points, but working to my advantage this time.

I haven't looked at it since, but I can tell you I'm not scared anymore!

I was scared of taking massive imperfect action, incase it showed me up, as not being perfect. I was scared of putting myself out there where I might be seen!

That I would look fake and stupid and I would be laughed at, and my whole world would crumble down and I would never be able to show my face again, if I pressed that button!

Good old Mr. Fear! Had me talking to myself and running away with me. Well on this matter he can go jump, I found the courage to speak my truths and be plain and simply me!

If you have a nagging inner nasty voice that carries you away with fear, stopping you from being your best self, come chat with me and we can have a laugh at our own ridiculousness. Contact me here, and we'll share a cuppa together

What stories about being fearful do you have? We really are, our own worst enemies most of the time. Would you agree?

It's Ok!

Feel life

Kaz xx

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