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My Why?

Updated: May 13, 2019

We all have a greater reason for doing what we do! Mine, is a message to older women saying, you are importance and give value to the world. I cherish your words and what you still have to say!

Don't allow anyone to put you into a box labelled 'Too old'. Garbage! You can do anything you want until the day you die.

Don't allow other people's small minded attitudes prevent you from being absolutely everything you can be, no matter your age!

I have no time for ageism on any level. Not from the young to the old, or in reverse. We could make the world a better place just by listening to what each of us has to say. Learning should never grow old and respect should be given freely because we are humans, no more than less.

What I want

I am beyond compassionate toward older women who feel small and feel stuck! We are stunningly beautiful and strong!

In a belief they are useless.

In a belief we are here, only to serve others, in a demeaning way.

In a belief we don't deserve more.

In a belief we shouldn't ask for more.

In a belief there is no better way.

There has to be a why to create something beautiful!

I want older women to know they still matter.

I want young women to have older mentors, but sing with the birds in the trees!

I want my husband to have a better life.

I want to believe I can reach my full potential

I want you to believe you can too.

I want women to be created equal.

Everyone from everywhere.

I want to feel fulfilled.

I want to have joy and peace.

I want to live big.

Not small...... Don't you?

I am confident.

I am capable.

I am worthy.

I have everything inside me, I need

I have no idea how amazing and capable I really am

I have the power within.

I want to share with you. Do you want to share your gifts with me?

We need each other now more than ever!

Women need each other more than ever. My highest value in life is freedom.... the freedom to be me! We all have gifts to share with each other and our intuition and individual uniqeness will guide us to where we need to be! I have total faith and belief in this vision.

Please come along with me!

If you want to explore your unique gifts and talents and are unsure what they are, come chat with me. I love having a cuppa and getting to know you better here.

Life Coaching fills me to the brim!

Feel life!

Kaz xx

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