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Finding Passion And Purpose. It's easy when you know how to look for it!

Updated: Feb 15

What is that thing you love doing? That thing, that when doing it, you lose track of time and space, you're in love! Not sure? It's never too late to find out!

Travel is what floats my boat!

I started travelling more seriously when in my early forties. You know when the kids had grown and were off our hands a bit more!

I absolutely love it. Particularly the quick trip to Bali, with friends. I love the whole flavour over there, it fills my soul.

Sitting on the beach, watching the sun go down over a glass of wine, talking to the locals who have so little but teach me so much about being present in life. The beauty, the ugly, the Mojito's and the food! Yes all of it!

It's all about how you feel!

I love snapping the photos, and seeing the landscape through different eyes each time. The waterfalls and the rain forests, the markets and their simple way of life. Yep I'd call Bali a passion. It brings me joy and happiness, fulfillment in life.

Are you getting it yet? Passions are not just in the doing, it's the way they make you feel! About life, about yourself, hell even about your partner that you've been with for over 40 years!

They create a sense of self, of being who you really are in life and who you want to be!

New Interests

Passions don't have to cost alot of money though! The point is to find something you enjoy, so you're not stagnating at home, sometimes on your own! Going to work, watching tv, sleeping.... rinse and repeat!

The only way you can find your thing, is to try new things. Our minds become sparked with creativity when we try something new! It could be the start to a whole new way of life!

Check out the internet for groups and Meetups near you. Ask a friend to go with you, it makes it all so much easier, to find the courage to step out. No more excuses now, find something new and give it a try.

Bali beautiful rich greenery

Passion makes you an interesting human.

Having interests keep you, well interesting! Don't fall for the myth, that says, stop doing things that excite you because you're older. Don't get sucked in to the notion that you don't have the time.

Purpose in life, if not already found, may start, with finding that thing you honestly, truly love! It did for me and I was 58 years old. It's never too late!

Be passionate about your life and the people in it. Do what your heart fancies and tell anybody who disagrees, well, to go find a passion of their own, because truly they need a life!

Don't give up on life. Dream it, live it and do what ever the hell you want!

You don't have to be rich or even comfortable, you don't have to be happy first, rather it's the other way around. Get out there, take a chance, do things differently, be you, and life will start to fall into place.

What passions do you have? Please share and any photos you may have as well! 🌞🤸‍♀️

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