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How Being Able To Read People Is A Blessing and A Curse!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Understand How You Feel!

The other day I had moment to feel, I had been totally underestimated and dismissed! I didn't feel good! The situation is a recurring one for me. It doesn't happen all the time, but frequently enough, for me to ask myself why, I sometimes feel this way?

I was talking with colleagues about our messages. How we feel about the world and our beliefs, what we stand for, what we love and what we hate, and anything in between. My truths!

They are really important to me. We were talking about being consistent with our messages, and creating content to reflect our beliefs.

We had taken turns to share, and I had given my full attention to the others. However I felt completely disregarded, because when it was my turn to speak, it appeared as if nobody cared!

Vulnerability Is Way Underestimated

I was being vulnerable and no one was listening. I'm a sensitive soul, so I have to be careful I am not taking too much to heart. Does this happen to you?

A true gift to others is simply to listen!

However, I totally get it's because of who I am, an introverted, intuitive, perceptive personality type, (INFP for those that follow it) that I have also, mastered the art of nuance. I often see things that others just can't. More to the point, I don't only see them, I feel them!

I feel tiny human changes in people when they are holding back or not saying what they really want to. When they are uncomfortable, the gentle shift in their body language, the opening wide of their eyes, the straightening of their back.

All of these little nuances tell me a story about people. Hard to unsee, once you have.

It is with regret that these things happen, and at times I know I have committed the same sin, but I try to be present, really present with people. Because there is nothing more beneficial, or precious to give someone, than your full attention of time.

Out The Window Of A Train

Maybe as I'm getting older I have learned this valuable lesson in life! Or maybe it's from a story I heard when I was a kid, that still sticks in my mind.

When you look out of the train window as it's racing along, cast your eyes forward and then look backwards to see where you've just been. In an instant, everything will have changed!

The wind will have shifted specks of dirt, and the tiny blades of grass may be laying over more or less. The clouds above will have moved, and the people in the houses will have taken another step. The smoke curling up into the sky, will curl in a different shape, and time has passed in that instant!

Notice The Nuances

Things you may not notice from your window, will definitely not be the same as they were micro seconds before! Nuances!

What things do you notice. I want to hear!

Enjoy life!

Love Kaz x

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