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How Your Personality Type Affects Your Behaviour. I Am An INFP!

Updated: Feb 15

For the dream weavers and the catalysts of change. The fire igniters of passion and the misunderstood! This is for you, my fellow INFP'S, go forth and be brave and courageous. The way only you know how!

INFP. That's the real me!

Some of you may know what that means. Anyone who has ever done the Myers-Brigg (personality) Type Indicator, definitely will recognise the significance of those four letters.

It's always been a conundrum for me as to why I sometimes don't seem to fit in. Why I'm always questioning the way of the world and how I fit into it.

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Why some people will never 'get' me, however, is easy for me to understand. More to the point why I don't want those people to 'get' me anyway. I don't want those people in my life.

I know that sounds harsh, but it's not! It's a misunderstanding about who I really am! I have a deep love for people, just not all at the one time or, some at all. I get to choose now that I'm 59!

You see I understand, I have better things to do with my time, than fluff around trying to explain myself to people, that I just don't need to expend my energy on. I have to conserve my energy for creativity, and for my vision and mission in life.

I need to be alone to re-energise and social situations can suck the life out of me, literally!

It's not that I dislike you, its simply what I need internally, to operate in a functional way. I'm an authentic, explorer who's intuitive and perceptive, an introvert nature who feels her way through life. I am a bit different but that's ok!

Missions and meaning and purpose are my thing!

I see the beauty of things and live deeply from my heart. I hate method and data and numbers and all things in a row! Blah!

But get me on a mission I believe in, and I'm unstoppable. I will move mountains to see it through. It's a drive that all encompasses me, and with conviction you have, my undivided attention. I won't quit.

Accept everyone as who they are!

Others may find us difficult to understand but I see and feel everything you do. I hate there is evil and voilence in the world, I hate that people get hurt, and damaged by others, I hate that women are still being oppressed, and not only in third worlds, I hate that there is greed, and starvation and inequity and lack of consideration. I hate ageism most of all!

I hate that people are dishonest and lack integrity, and are not authentic and true. I hate knowing that most people are inherently good, but are forced to do bad, I hate that children are dying because they are sick, I hate that I can't fix it all, lickety split.

That is why you'll find us trying in our own small world to do good, to help people as best we can, to try and inspire people to be better, because we believe in you!

You'll find us helping others in some way, to try and make this world a better place. Not just for me but for everyone. We are idealists for sure and yes perhaps to a fault, but we are also game changers and visionaries.

Know thyself and the world will too!

It's the questioning of the way the world works, that lends us to make those changes, and put up with being misunderstood.

It hurts alot. Some people deny us the courtesy of listening to us, they deem us too out there, and living in fairyland. Those people are the ones we can't have in our lives.

They are too different from us and rob us of our energy, and maybe, us of theirs. They can never see the big picture that we do, and therefore they will never be one of the great leaders in the world. They know their facts and figures but they don't know how to inspire.

INFP's live and let live, we don't need to be in control of others, in fact we don't want to be. On the flip side though, we hate being questioned on the small stuff, and criticism rarely is taken well.

We understand this though, and will try to improve ourselves. We are very aware beings, but can be very unique in our approach. This is what leads us to be constantly on the outer, but is also however, why we get great results.

By our very nature the main thing we need, is to see people be able to freely express who they are, and who they are meant to be in the world.

We get great joy watching this happen and encourage it, in all those around us. We don't stand in a straight line, we don't know how.

What we do know, is love and support and compassion for our fellow man! An undying loyalty and support member who will move heaven and earth to do right by you, and for you.

We just get emotionally exhausted and need to retreat, to rest! We will be back once replenished and energised, to take on the world again!

Share the love!

What we love to do as our purpose in life.

We are the authors, the poets, the teachers, musicians and writers of great beauty. We can show you how the world is. We can guide you and inspire you and will you, to live as the best person you can be.

We can help you find who you are and what you're meant to be! What you're dreaming of and how to find it. We don't ask to be judged, this is simply what makes us tick!

We need the other types of people as well!

We need the Judgers and the Thinkers though, just as much as they need us. Without them, the INFP may never see their vision come to life, and the Analytics may have the business nouse, but never be able to gather the following they need to create massive impact.

Partner up with the people you need, look at your weaknesses, and embody your strengths. Sometimes it takes the whole village.....

With love to my fellow INFP's. Go do your thing and never stop!

If you would like to understand yourself more,and you feel a little lost, come chat with me here! I'd love to connect.

Have some fun and do the Personality Finder below. Let me know if yours is accurate for you!

Karen xx

Here is a link if you would like to start investigating your own personality identifier.

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