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The One Small Step Club

The One Small Step Club Online Course

Forward with Courage and Confidence - Regular price $297 AUD 

6 weekly modules of powerful video lessons, coaching and spiritual deepening, worksheets and downloads. Each module released weekly.

Between 5-6 lessons in each module. Short, easy to follow lessons.


'There's gotta be more to life than this'....

​When we feel stuck living ho hum, it is defeating. Our hearts are ready to move us forward but our heads haven't caught up.


We just can't work out what we need to do.... There is a reason for this....our brain has one job and one job only....To keep us safe. From real or perceived dangers. It can't tell the difference.


We know the difference, but our body reacts as if fearful of trying new activities, taking on new roles in life, stepping up, following your heart and living the life you really want or simply making your everyday life more happy and content.


These emotions and our negative head chatter keep us playing small and feeling stuck.....Anxious...listening to our tired old stories, 'I'm too old', 'It's impossible', 'I can't do it'. You know the ones...Right?

Add in our own limiting beliefs, the stories we attach to our thoughts, our excuses, our fear, and there is little wonder 1 in 4 people in the Western world say they feel stuck.....Who say they can't move forward in their lives even though they want to.


This is the power of our subconscious mind.....Awareness is the only way to change the underlying thoughts directing our behaviours....


Creating exactly what we don't want! Over and over again!


The thing is, many of us don't want to make huge changes in our life....we simply want to feel better and be excited again....


Passionate about something....smiling and grateful for what we have and who we are... We don't want the overwhelm...that feeling of 'How can I feel better. What do I have to do?' That feeling stops us doing anything at all....Right?


Would you like to change this thinking?....Are you ready to live a better, happier life? Are you ready to get started today? I know some of you were ready yesterday!


What you get...


Module 1....What Do You Want? 

Creates excitement/intrinsic motivation/Creating your new life. Clarity and direction. 

Module 2....Who Are YOU? 

Reconnect with self/practice spiritual awareness/Tap into your inner wisdom/Tools to help alleviate anxiety. Living to your highest values and the inner peace it brings.

Module 3....Our Brain 

Change The Way You Think..You can't 'unlearn' this stuff....Powerful knowledge that will change your life. Break your cycle of sabotage.

Module 4....What Holds You Back? 

Uncover the secrets of your own behaviour! Facing our fear! Creates awareness of your own mind and its big bag of tricks. Self sabotage is the biggest reason we find it difficult to change.

Module 5....Confidence and Courage in everyday life. 

Creates improved confidence/Self Esteem. Having confidence to step up and start your project, write your book....Whatever it may be....Courage and confidence is a must.

Module 6....Courage Is As Courage Does.

An activity that moves you ever so slightly out of your comfort zone....Fun and exciting. Creates action and achievement. Start working on something close to your heart.


Entry into private FB Group....All the support you need!

FREE Bonus training....What energy do you show up with? How it can negatively affect your life...Your relationships....Your outcomes. How changing a few simple things can impact your life....Big Time!...What impression do you leave on others? Explore your personal qualities and start your own personal development plan. Normally $197 Aud

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The One Small Step Club Online Course

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